This holiday, many families in Ontario are looking at their child’s wish list and deciding what they can afford. Now imagine you’re one of 24,000 Niagara families living in poverty. For them, they’re forced to decide between food on the table or gifts for their loved ones.

This is the reality facing many vulnerable individuals in Niagara, and we want to do better for them. We know it is possible, if we work together.

Inflation has taken a significant toll this year and it’s made it more difficult for everyone to fill their gas tanks, feed their families and pay their bills. What makes the holidays even more challenging is having loved ones watch as their peers get the gifts they asked for while they know their family is struggling to make ends meet.

Some key figures


Individuals accessed programs that aim to empower youth and families in 2021

Nearly 20,000

Children and youth improved their physical
and emotional well-being in 2021


Individuals accessed food programs in
Niagara in 2021

Living in poverty can have a serious impact on a child’s wellness, health and education success. This holiday, we ask you to consider checking one more item off your list, with a gift to United Way Niagara.

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