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One gift to United Way Niagara supports over 125 programs and special initiatives and 122,000+ people in Niagara. Explore our different donation options here.

Donor Bill of Rights

Every donation made contributes to lasting social change within our local community. You can get started now by giving online as an individual or on behalf of a corporation. It’s easy to make your gift a one-time donation or a recurring gift of your choice. Change lives today by giving here.

If you are first-time donor, your gift will be matched by the Wormald Masse Keen Lopinski New Donor Match – DOUBLING your impact!

Wormlad Masse Keen Lopinski New Donor Match

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Leadership donors are a group of dedicated individuals who love where they live and want to make a difference when it comes to fighting local poverty in all its forms. By giving $1,200 or more annually to United Way, you’ll become part of an unstoppable force for community change, joining over 400 other Leadership donors in Niagara.

Leadership donors fuel our work fighting for a community where poverty has no power. When you join us, you’ll play an important role in supporting a strong social safety net that helps people when, and where, they need it most.

If you are giving at the Leadership level, your gift may be eligible to be matched by The Norris Walker Leadership Challenge in memory of Marilyn I. Walker. The challenge will match first time donations of $1,200 or more and increases in current leadership donations of 10% or more up to $50,000.

For more information contact Kevin Jong at [email protected] or call 905.688.5050 ext 2103

Major Donors are a select group of supporters dedicated to creating positive and lasting change in our community by donating $5,000 or more on an annual basis. As influential members of Niagara’s industries and the community, they play a key role in creating strategic partnerships with government, the social sector, and other corporate leaders to develop solutions to our region’s complex social issues. They invest in the success of our region and, in doing so, inspire others to do the same.

Major Donors’ contributions and community leadership drive lasting solutions in the areas of poverty, kids, and communities. We bring together all areas of community to address social issues at the roots and develop long term strategies to solve them.

It’s not a donation. It’s an investment.
If you’re considering joining us, here’s why your gift to United Way is a smart investment in the future. We:

  • Amplify your investments beyond one issue or one community
  • Convene the right stakeholders to generate powerful change
  • Leverage government and other investments to accelerate progress
  • Conduct rigorous research to isolate critical and relevant needs

For more information contact Kaylin Bailey, Manager, Individual Giving at [email protected] or call 905.688.5050 ext 2113