Behind thousands of doors in Niagara, people are struggling with issues you can’t see.


Issues like poverty, food insecurity or mental health challenges can be difficult to see from the outside.

You may not know that your neighbours have not been able to pay their rent in two months, or that the father of two down the street is battling addiction.

You may not see the single mom of three from the bus stop skipping meals to make sure her kids get enough to eat, or the teenager who rides her bike past your house, running because home is no longer safe.

You don’t see these challenges because they often happen behind closed doors.

The challenges people are facing in our community are complex and often connected. In order for whole communities to thrive, the needs of every individual living there must be met. Your support of United Way strengthens the social safety net as a whole, providing access to nutritious food, safe housing, stable income and crucial social connections. Your support helps strengthen a network of programs that 1 in 4 people will rely on in their lifetime.

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