What is gennext?

gennext is a program that encourages people ages 20-40 to become involved with United Way Niagara through giving and volunteering. Working with a Cabinet of volunteers, gennext creates opportunities for people to support United Way Niagara, its funded agencies, and to get involved in the community. The gennext Cabinet organizes fundraising events, promotes volunteer activities, encourages people to contribute to their community and provides a forum for people to connect.

Our mission is simple. We want to create opportunities for people ages 20-40 to roll up their sleeves, get involved in our communities through giving, volunteering and action.

The committee organizes fundraising events to build a next generation of ambassadors that create awareness and spearhead workplace campaigns.

Qualifications & Desired Skills:

  • Enthusiastic and passionate about supporting United Way Niagara
  • Committed to diversity and inclusion
  • Strong leadership acumen, especially related to volunteer management
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • High standards of accountability