Our Community Investment Process

Our Community Investment Process allows United Way to invest in the most pressing and complex human and social needs facing our community. Each year, we accept applications for funding in one of three priority areas: Poverty To Possibility, Strong Communities and All That Kids Can Be. Applications are evaluated by our panel of dedicated volunteers to ensure that our donors contributions are invested where they can create the greatest impact.

Our Priorities

United Way Niagara works locally to raise funds and invest in programming that improves lives in our community.

Our goal is to improve lives and build community by engaging individuals and mobilizing collective action. What does that mean? United Way invests funds into pre-determined priority areas that were deemed to have the most need nationally. We invest in solutions to real, local social problems.

All That Kids Can Be

United Way invests in programs that encourage children and youth to reach their full potential by:

  • Increasing connectedness
  • Increasing engagement in learning, and
  • Increasing emotional and physical wellbeing

To learn more about United Way’s investments, refer to the All That Kids Can Be Framework