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I had no idea how to hold a baby, let alone raise one on my own. Without United Way, I would be lost. - Ryan

Your support allows United Way to help thousands of local people every year.

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I was diagnosed early on with severe anxiety, United Way funded programs have given me the tools to cope. Thank you. - Jane

Every day, people in our community need help.

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The yearly cost of poverty in Niagara is $1.38 billion. That is enough to...

employ 49,285 people for one year.
feed every person in Niagara for 2 years.
build 16,235 affordable housing units.

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The formal amalgamation of United Way of Niagara Falls and Greater Fort Erie, United Way of St. Catharines & District, and United Way South Niagara is still in progress. As such, we are currently operating with the St. Catharines & District address and charitable registration number for income tax purposes.