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middle age man standing against a post in front of a long walkway. Expression is serious. Text overlay: poverty and food insecurity are not always visible. in quotes, "I was at the point where I had to decide which bills to skip to afford groceries"

Your community urgently needs you.

Poverty is costing us more than $1.38 billion every year. That would be enough to:

Employ 32,800 people at a Living Wage.
Feed 368,000 people for a year.
Build more than 500 housing units.
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How does your donation make an impact?

We are often asked where donations to United Way go. How exactly does your donation make a local impact on people and communities in Niagara? While we are proudly making visible change through our community initiatives like growing and distributing fresh food, providing backpacks to kids in need and supplying agencies with period products, the bulk of United Way’s investments are harder to see.


Together We Can Solve Social Issues.

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