About Period Promise

Periods are a fact of life. Every year thousands of people in Niagara are forced to choose between safe menstrual products or other basic necessities.

It’s time for change. It’s time for empowerment. It’s time for equity.

Period products are a basic necessity. If you are living in poverty or are vulnerable in other ways, access to tampons, pads or cups can be challenging. The Period Promise initiative by United Way mobilizes citizens to be a part of the solution. Thousands don’t have the financial means for safe period products and have to choose between basic necessities. Inaccessible menstrual products translate to isolation, mental duress, sick days and missed opportunities.

All donations are distributed to local agencies, food banks and community service providers across the region. Although our main product drive is only once per year from March to May, donations are kindly accepted year round.

More than a product drive

United Way is advocating for those affected by period poverty by asking business and facility owners to sign the Period Promise Policy committing to provide free menstrual hygiene products to anyone accessing their facilities.

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ADVOCACY BRIEF: The difference we can make through United Way’s Period Promise campaign.

Period Promise POLICY

For more information on how you can make a difference, please visit the website

period promise policy