During Community Health and Wellbeing Week 2020 (October 5-11), members of the Alliance for Healthier Communities are celebrating all the efforts in communities across Ontario to continue to support the people we serve, through barriers new and exacerbated by COVID-19. Here at United Way Niagara, our commitment to health equity and improving access to services (both in person and virtual services and programs) remains steadfast and strong. We know that it’s only by addressing the social determinants of health, including access to housing, supports and healthy food, as well as by addressing barriers related to poverty made worse during the pandemic, that we can truly ensure that no one is left behind during this crisis – and during recovery.

Many people are beginning to look ahead, and think about what a recovery in Ontario will look like, including here in Niagara at the community level. We’re calling for a just recovery and the theme of this year’s Community Health and Wellbeing Week, “Power in Community: A Healthy Recovery that Works for Everyone” is a reflection of our commitment to the communities we serve, their resilience and ingenuity, and the power of grassroots approaches to support overall health and wellbeing.

To underline the importance of our organization and staff’s commitment to the principles of a just recovery from COVID-19, we are making a pledge to support a healthy recovery that works for everyone.

We pledge to work towards a healthy recovery for everyone in Niagara by continuing to invest in solutions to food security, poverty, outreach and mental wellbeing.

#CHWW2020 #PowerInCommunity