Niagara, ONI only have $10 to get me through the rest of the week…I don’t have much food left and I just got my period. Now what…

Unfortunately, this scenario is all too real. 1 in 4 Canadians struggle to afford period products and are forced to make the difficult choice between food or period products for themselves or their dependents every month. The choice has devastating effects – some choose food and miss work or school, some choose the products and go hungry. No one should have to make this choice.

United Way’s Period Promise campaign aims to reduce period poverty in Niagara by providing free access to appropriate products to anyone who needs them. Last year United Way distributed over 180,000 products in the community and helped thousands of individuals. All donations are given to local agencies, food banks and service providers across the region.

“This campaign means the world to me. Thank for bringing awareness to this cause. Thank you for helping. Thank you for those that are giving their time to make this happen. Thank you from the girl that doesn’t have to have my experience because of you.”   – Community member with lived experience

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Period poverty is real and exists in our own communities. By supporting period promise, you are supporting gender equity.

From May 1st to May 28th, we are challenging you to pick up an extra box of period products to donate every time you shop. Ask your family, friends or neighbors to do the same. Each box will support one person in need. Every box makes a difference.

Events & Collection Drop Off days:

May 12, 12pm-1pm
Virtual Community Day of Caring – Pack your own period support kits. Click to register

May 22, 7am-1pm
Niagara Falls Farmers Market (MacBain Centre)
7150 Montrose Rd., Niagara Falls

May 28, 12pm-6pm
Seaway Mall parking lot
800 Niagara St., Welland

Visit to learn more, or make a financial donation today. Financial gifts are used to purchase products and distribute through agency partners across Niagara.


About United Way: United Way works to tackle some of the biggest social issues in Niagara; investing in solutions to poverty, food security, mental illness, homelessness, domestic violence and social isolation. United Way invested in over 200 programs across the region last year, serving over 130,000 people when they needed it the most.

About Period Promise: Period products are a basic necessity. If you are living in poverty or are vulnerable in other ways, access to tampons, pads or cups can be challenging especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Period Promise initiative by United Way mobilizes citizens to be a part of the solution. The initiative aims to reduce vulnerability and isolation caused by period poverty. Period Promise is more than a product drive. United Way is advocating for those affected by period poverty by asking business and facility owners to sign the Period Promise Policy and commit to providing free period products to anyone accessing their facilities when it is safe to do so. (For list of organizations and businesses that have signed the policy, visit