Niagara, ON, August 2021 – When funding was short to finish the school year for United Way’s After School Matters program, The RRPC Innovation Foundation stepped up in a big way to support the program until the end of June. Since the beginning of the pandemic, United Way has shifted the program that supports 450 vulnerable kids and their families from a drop-in after school program to online and care packages. The program that typically offered kids healthy food, special interest activities, youth action, homework help and general supports had to make the shift online last April. Care packages have been delivered weekly ever since to each participants family and includes items such as food, hygiene supplies, grocery gift cards and special activities for the kids and families. Virtual Homework Help and ‘field trips’ were also offered regularly.

The school year has wrapped up but the need for support continues through the summer months. The RPPC Innovation Foundation recognized the importance of supporting vulnerable kids and families and has now committed to supporting the care packages throughout the summer and a healthy snack program at summer camp for the same kids. The program which is delivered in 4 at-risk neighborhoods in Niagara, works to provide support to at-risk youth and children during the most vulnerable time in their young lives. RRPC will be providing healthy food and snacks to campers every day ensuring they are well fed and ready to learn and play. United Way is forever grateful to the RRPC Innovation Foundation for its significant investment in After School Matters and the children of Niagara.

“We are so thrilled for RRPC’s continued support of After School Matters throughout the summer. With this investment, we are able to continue the family care packages each week and provide all those kids with healthy snacks while they’re at camp. All of the feedback we receive from the beneficiaries of the packages has been so wonderful.” Said Frances Hallworth, Executive Director.

“The RRPC Innovation Foundation is proud to be supporting at-risk youth in Niagara. We recognize the significant impact that the After School Matters program has on youth, especially in the long-term, and are thrilled to partner with United Way to fund this much-needed program.” – Suzanne Court, CEO of The RRPC innovation Foundation

The RRPC Innovation Foundation was created in memory of The Late Richard Robinson Prescott Court after his passing in 2018. Richard Court was a long-time and loyal supporter of United Way and was passionate about supporting the youth in Niagara – with a personal mantra of “one must give in order to receive”, he encouraged his family and employees to do to the same. The Foundation, which was founded and is run by his daughter Suzanne, supports at-risk youth in Niagara. It was ‘born out of a love for our community and those within it who struggle to stay safe, warm, clothed, and fed – the basic needs of life.’ The Foundation contributes valuable resources and financial assistance to the agency partners who provide individualized support to youth.


About The RRPC Foundation: The RRPC Innovation Foundation is dedicated to helping youth to navigate and succeed; providing opportunities for youth that may not exist for them currently and supporting our Community Agencies to be able to give in areas that need dedicated, consistent support to flourish.

About United Way: United Way works to tackle some of the biggest social issues in Niagara; investing in solutions to poverty, food security, mental illness, homelessness, domestic violence and social isolation. United Way invested in over 200 programs across the region last year, serving over 130,000 people when they needed it the most.

About After School Matters: After School Matters is a network of free after-school programs delivering quality educational, recreational, and leisure activities. Available in the stressed neighbourhoods in St. Catharines and Niagara Falls these programs mitigate the negative effects of low-income for over 450 children and youth every year.