Niagara, ON (March 2) – In September 2021, the Rose City Seniors Centre Foundation officially dissolved and left behind a legacy of meaningful support for seniors in Welland. United Way Niagara is honoured to receive the remaining assets from the Foundation as we continue their goal of helping seniors when it is needed most.

“We are delighted to be able to continue the impactful work that Rose City Seniors Centre Foundation has been doing in Welland with this valuable funding support,” said Frances Hallworth, CEO of United Way Niagara. “I would like to personally thank all the Foundation members for their dedication and generosity.”

The funding from Rose City Seniors Centre Foundation will be used to a maximum of $10,000 per year and support the Seniors Health and Wellbeing Fund. This will support older adults and seniors in Welland who face challenges with their income. Up to $500 per person per calendar year can go towards medical, health and wellbeing expenses. The funding will also support local organizations that work with seniors in Welland to improve their lives and promote health and wellbeing for older adults.

The funding has already made an impact on an outreach program delivered by Faith Welland Outreach. The organization runs a weekly senior’s outreach program, among others, aimed to engage low-income seniors. The program provides activities, meals, lunch kits and food hampers to help supplement those living on low fixed incomes. This particular program serves about 200 seniors.

Foundation Chair Rick Bayliss expressed his gratitude to current and past Board Members for their efforts that have benefited members of the Welland Community Wellness Complex, particularly seniors, over the years.

2021 Board Members: Rick Bayliss, Nancy Curran, Jenny Chehowski, Cheryl Maurice, Joan Scott, Barbara Sabucco and Ann Huffman.

The Foundation provided equipment, furniture and incidentals to outfit the fitness room, computer lab, library, therapeutic pool, woodshop, billiards room, atrium, Velvetones music program, Pieceful Quilters, and miscellaneous equipment. A major contribution was the fully renovated Bistro and kitchen equipment for the benefit and enjoyment of all members of the Welland Community Wellness Complex.