Philanthropy in Niagara

November 15 is National Philanthropy Day®, set aside to recognize and pay tribute to the phenomenal contributions that those active in the philanthropic community have made in our lives and the world. As a celebration of giving, volunteering and charitable engagement, United Way Niagara is grateful to announce that The Ontario Paper Thorold Foundation has made a $25,000 donation to support a better future for Niagara through our 2021 Campaign. These funds will help United Way meet the challenge of local poverty head-on as we work to support the most vulnerable people in our community.

Despite closing in 2017, after 104 years of operation, the spirit of The Ontario Paper Co. in Thorold is kept alive through The Ontario Paper Thorold Foundation, a volunteer-run organization which has been supporting the community for 25 years. Today, foundation members include Suzie Bowles, Sue Burch, Wayne Shepard, Angelo Ruscitti, Ron Hartle, Sherri Loucks and Adrian Barnet.

Showing Local Love

They make significant contributions to the region and, since 1996, have invigorated local causes and charities to the tune of around $4 million. In 2017, in addition to their annual $5,000 donation, they expanded their commitment to United Way as sponsors of the $25,000 Leadership Match, allowing us to leverage substantial funds through our Leadership Giving Program. With their unwavering community support, The Ontario Paper Thorold Foundation honours the legacy of the original Ontario Paper Co. and the original foundation established in 1958 through their continued philanthropic efforts in Niagara.

United Way Niagara has been fortunate to receive support from the Foundation during the pandemic as many local agencies and charities struggle to meet the overwhelming need in the community.

“Helping the community is a good feeling, and it’s one thing we all take so much pride in. To carry on the values and legacy of The Ontario Paper Co. means supporting important charities like United Way.” Says Sue Burch.

The charitable work of the volunteers at The Ontario Paper Thorold Foundation isn’t anywhere near at it’s peak either. As we see COVID-19 continue to put a strain on local agencies, the Foundation hopes to make an even greater impact with more organizations.

“Ideally we would like to have more requests for funds so that our volunteer board can choose from a wider list of potential recipients to maximize our impact.” Said Adrian Barnet “What makes supporting United Way so valuable, is that we know our donation will be spread amongst a network of agencies throughout Niagara that will ensure a more widespread impact on our community.”

Thank you to the Ontario Thorold Paper Foundation for your outstanding contribution to United Way and the entire Niagara Region. The philanthropic efforts of this foundation and many other amazing individuals in Niagara allow our community to continue to thrive and work towards a better future.