Local couple Greg and Diane Slaight make transformational $2 million donation to United Way Niagara

Niagara, ON (July 5, 2022) – A local couple Greg and Diane Slaight have made a transformational gift of two million dollars to United Way Niagara. The Slaight’s have been long-time major donors to United Way in Niagara as well as to a number of other local charities, but have until now carried out their acts of philanthropy quietly and anonymously.

“This donation is different,” said Greg Slaight, “Diane and I both felt that now was the time to make a significant commitment to addressing local issues, and that doing so publicly would help shine a light on not only the significant need in our community, but on the power of individuals with the capacity and inclination to make a difference, to give as generously as they can.”

The Slaight’s two million dollar gift is the largest in the history of United Way in Niagara and will be invested in a number of projects to not only meet emerging needs, but to support long-term funding stability.

“This is the largest gift United Way Niagara has ever received,” said Frances Hallworth, CEO of United Way Niagara. “A transformative gift of this scope will greatly impact our community. We are so thankful to Greg and Diane for their trust and confidence in United Way Niagara and our ability to invest these funds in meaningful ways that will make a significant difference for those in need.”

“Our hope is that this gift will inspire others to come forward either through a donation or by volunteering their time, to support United Way in addressing local issues,” said Diane Slaight.

Donors to United Way for over 12 years, Greg and Diane’s support for the Niagara community has never wavered. As United Way continues lifting local people out of poverty and combatting new challenges presented by rising inflation and COVID recovery efforts, this gift will make a tremendous difference in the lives of the people we serve.