The Issue

According to the World Health Organization, one in three children do not achieve their full developmental potential. This has significant implications on a youth’s long-term health, success and independence. It also affects their family, surrounding neighbourhood and community as a whole.

We know that the first years of a child’s life are the most important and influential, often laying the foundation for future success. United Way recognizes the value of investing in child and youth programming that improves one’s health, social, emotional, mental health and wellbeing, development and learning. We also know that when a family is supported as a whole, they can achieve their goals, improve their quality of life and often reduce a cycle of poverty that plagues many families in our community.

United Way is committed to empowering the children, youth and families of Niagara to be all they can be. We focus on ensuring families have a home, have their basic human needs met, are physically, emotionally and mentally healthy, are connected to their community, have support systems in place, are engaged in learning, have opportunities to develop critical skills, are equipped to cope with life’s challenges and achieve their goals.

United Way invests in programs that strengthen families and ensure every youth is afforded an equal opportunity to achieve success. Through investments in literacy and numeracy programs, skill development, counselling, recreational and after school programming, mentorship, shelter, nutrition, community programs, programs for youth with disabilities and support programs for parents, we are making sure our youth and families across Niagara are empowered.

Let’s Make Disadvantaged Youth & Families #UNIGNORABLE

Women and children have been particularly vulnerable to the negative economic and social impacts of the pandemic.
Last year, 68,443 individuals accessed programs that aim to empower youth and  families.


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