What is After School Matters?

After School Matters is a network of free after-school programs delivering quality educational, recreational, and leisure activities.

Available programs in neighbourhoods throughout St. Catharines, Niagara Falls and Fort Erie make a positive impact on youth and teens in Niagara. These programs mitigate the negative effects of low-income for hundreds of families every year. In spite of the fact that children and youth from low-income families are less likely to graduate high school, less likely to pursue post-secondary education, and more likely to live in poverty as adults, After School Matters is creating a measurable impact. Each program site is unique and activities are handpicked by the youth that attend.

A Day in the Life of an After School Matters youth participant

Youth and teens arrive at After School Matters following a typical school day to find friendly staff members ready to welcome them with a smile and a healthy snack. There they can access homework help or fun activities that allow them to get active and participate in games with friends. The best part is, youth who participate in the program get to dictate what programs we of