What is After School Matters?

After School Matters is a network of free after-school programs delivering quality educational, recreational, and leisure activities. This year, due to COVID-19, we have shifted our drop-in program to online until it is safe to re-open. After School Matters participants will receive weekly care packages filled with snacks, food items, activities and more. We are also able to offer one-on-one homework help via Zoom or phone twice a week to those who need it.

Available in the stressed neighbourhoods of Manchester, Old Pine Trail, Rykert in St. Catharines, Warden and Waters neighborhood in Niagara Falls as well as downtown Thorold. These programs mitigate the negative effects of low-income for over 550 children and youth every year. In spite of the fact that children and youth from low-income families are less likely to graduate high school, less likely to pursue post-secondary education, and more likely to live in poverty as adults, After School Matters is creating a measurable impact.

Since Attending:

  • 80% of participants report doing better in school;
  • 85% are more physically active;
  • 78% eat healthy foods more often; and
  • 95% feel better about their future.

For more information, contact Krista Butters at [email protected] or (905) 688-5050 x 2115.

Programs offered at after school matters

  • Arts and crafts
  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Girls Group
  • Homework Help
  • K’Nex
  • Mad Science
  • Martial Arts
  • Music
  • Rowing
  • S.T.E.M
  • Science
  • Theme Day
  • Youth Action

Program Testimonials

“Forming friendships is very easy here, meeting new people is lots of fun and it’s good to meet new people. School is becoming easier because it is easier to understand more things. My mom works until 4 pm so if I went home straight after school then no one will be home but me and my sister. If I come to TASP then I can hang out with my friends and do fun activities.”
Program participant
“This program is a wonderful program that helped my son with socialization. He used to be a child who wanted to be by himself, now he is more outgoing. I also appreciate that a member from the after school program helped my son improve in his reading. This program has had a positive effect in my children’s lives. I want to thank everybody that is involved in making this program possible.”
Parent of participant