As September approaches, it brings falling leaves, cooler weather and, of course, back to school. A child’s excitement for the return to classrooms depends on which one you ask; some are ecstatic to get back to seeing their friends every day and exercising their minds. However, not everyone shares the same sentiment. Each year we see more and more parents who struggle to afford to send their children to school with everything they need to succeed in the classroom.

Inflation has taken a heavy toll on everyone in the past several months. Juggling rising gas prices, grocery and utility bills on top of every other expense has been next to impossible for some. Now imagine when your kids are set to return to school but haven’t got any of the supplies they need to truly enjoy their experience in class. Finding the funds to purchase even the most basic supplies can be a chore, but that’s where we can step in.

Together with local schools and community agencies, we have been distributing Backpacks for Kids, providing kids and teens with the opportunity to share the common experience of their peers – one of excitement for the new school year – while alleviating the financial burden for families. Together, we have distributed over 47,000 backpacks since 2002.

Parents like Megan feel relieved that they can send their kids to school with everything they need.

“I work full time but still struggle to make ends meet. Back to school is an especially stressful time for me because of all the extra supplies I need to buy. I want my kids to feel like they belong with their peers, and new school supplies just don’t fit my budget. I am so grateful for this program. My kids received their brand-new backpacks and were so proud to attend their first day of school decked out with new gear, just like their friends. Thank you so much.” – Megan

We’ve made significant progress throughout the summer towards our goal of 2,100 backpacks – but we could still use your help. We know for children and youth in need, better is possible this school year. A donation of just $25 can help send someone to school with the tools they need to thrive.

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