WOMEN UNITED is a growing movement of more than 70,000 women around the world dedicated to creating equal opportunity for all.

 is a diverse, vibrant community of visionaries and changemakers bound together by a powerful sense of belonging — to one another, to our community and to transforming the lives of women in Niagara.

 Our mission is to leverage our time, talent and resources to empower women in our community to build strong, independent lives. United we are stronger. Together we can create a world full of opportunity for all women.

 Our vision is to be a powerful force for social change, where women are key drivers of philanthropy in local communities, across the country and around the world through both giving and volunteering.

 Our values are leadership, mentorship, impact, dedication and empowerment.

Since 2002, 70,000 women leaders in more than 165 communities have raised and invested more than $1.7 Billion through Women United – United Way’s exclusive female giving circle.

* current United Way Niagara donors of $1,200+ (undesignated) are not required to make an additional pledge to become a full member of Women United

INFLUENCER – gift of $1,200 or more annually ($100/month)

  • - Participate in local volunteer experiences that are co-organized through United Way Niagara and our community partners (ex: Days of Caring®)
  • - Opportunity to be recognized as a member of Niagara WOMEN UNITED and as a United Way Niagara donor
  • - Opportunity to participate on WOMEN UNITED volunteer committee to determine program content and organize networking events
  • - Invitation to at least one educational and/or networking event

– gift of $5,000 or more annually

  • All of the above plus…
  • - Invitation to annual community impact tour and community partner events
  • - Opportunity to be profiled as a community Major Donor in an e-newsletter or at an event

– gift of $10,000 or more annually

  • All of the above plus…
  • - Opportunity to be recognized on our national online WOMEN UNITED Honor Roll
  • - Invitations to and recognition at other United Way events

SUPPORTER – gift of under $1,200 annually
 (not a full member of Women United)

  • - Updates on Women United’s work through regular newsletters
  • - Opportunity to attend Women United event

Below are just a couple of examples of how your support can make a difference.

When Jill found out that she was pregnant, she didn't know where to turn. A guidance counselor at her high school referred her to a young mother's program, funded through United Way Niagara. Thanks to your support, Jill is continuing to finish school, learning essential life skills and her son Caleb is able to interact with other children in a safe and stimulating environment.

Moving from Alberta to Ontario with her husband and young daughter, Sammi left behind her entire support system. She spent eight years with a man who physically, mentally and emotionally abused her and her daughter. She was not allowed to work or have friends, leaving her feeling trapped and alone. Sammi and her daughter finally left with the clothes on their backs and nowhere to go. Thanks to the your support, she and her daughter are now safe.