Volunteer Spotlight on Sean Simpson

Volunteer Spotlight on Sean Simpson

April 12, 2018

National Volunteer Week, which is from April 15-21, is a time to celebrate and thank our volunteers for all that they do. This year’s theme is to celebrate the value of volunteering- building confidence, competence, connections and community.

We asked Sean to tell us what his “aha” moment about United Way was; this is what he said:

“I’d have to say that for me, my real a-ha moment came when I was able to sit in on a meeting of the Community Investment Panel during the allocations process. I witnessed the impassioned debate among the many volunteers in support of the various programs that were applying for funding. During that process, it became very clear to me that there is abundant need in the community, and the experience stressed the importance of fundraising in order to help meet those needs. Another moment was when I was able to attend the after school program and see firsthand the kids who are benefiting from the support United Way provides them in the community.”

Everything that a volunteer does has a big impact on the lives of people in need. Whether it’s volunteering at a local shelter or donating money to an organization- like United Way, you are making a difference.  We appreciate everything that you do Sean, and we are happy to dedicate this year’s National Volunteer Week to you!