Volunteer Spotlight on Laurie Andrews

Volunteer Spotlight on Laurie Andrews

National Volunteer Week, which is from April 15-21, is a time to celebrate and thank our volunteers for all that they do. This year’s theme is to celebrate the value of volunteering- building confidence, competence, connections and community.

We asked Laurie what her 'aha' moment about United Way was, this is what she said: 

"I can't really remember a specific 'ah ha' moment but what I do remember is that my mom and dad were always very involved with volunteer work and instilled in me the importance of helping out and giving back to your community. I have a picture of my dad when he headed the United Way campaign at General Motors many years ago. I worked at GM for 36 years in many different locations and there was always a United Way campaign every year. I am honoured to be a member of the United Way board and proud of all the amazing work the United Way does and the people it helps."

Laurie has been involved in United Way for many years in many capacities.  More recently she sat on the Tampon Tuesday committee, which was an event held across the country collecting feminine hygiene products and raising awareness for women's homelessness.  Laurie is an amazing addition to our Board of Directors and every team/committee she sits on.  Thank you Laurie!

We appreciate everything that you do Laurie, and we are happy to dedicate this year’s National Volunteer Week to you!