This is Paul.

This is Paul.

March 15, 2018

​Paul is a learner, as they’re called in the Literacy for Life program, supported by United Way.

 Paul was one of eight children who grew up in a wonderful, supportive family; he recalls literacy being important, and loved to read as a child. 

However, life happened...or death as it was in this case. When Paul was in the ninth grade, his father passed away, and he was forced to leave school to work in the construction industry to help support his mother and siblings. After many years of working hard, Paul suffered a workplace injury and, at age 55, now relies on Ontario Works for income.

He wants to re-enter the workforce and would like to complete his G.E.D. to secure a better job. Paul has been involved in Literacy for Life for a few months, working closely with his fabulous tutor Catherine, and his confidence has grown by leaps and bounds. “I found this to be a surprisingly positive venture. I have learned new skills and am affirming old ones. I feel I am closer to my goal than I had thought.” says Paul.  Catherine has learned as much from Paul as he has from her, she says. Thanks to the rigorous training and matching, tutors like Catherine are paired with learners’ like Paul in the hope that both parties will benefit from the relationship.