This is Barbara.

This is Barbara.

Barbara is 68 years old. She suffered a spinal injury because of a workplace accident almost ten years ago.

Barbara was not able to safely get around outside her apartment. Her therapist recommended a scooter but the costs were not covered and the disability claims were denied.  She decided to approach March of Dimes Assistive Devices Program for help. She was able to get a scooter.

With the power scooter, she is now able to volunteer at a museum. She has described her feeling of getting a scooter as “awesome, great and mobile, I am happy to be able to have one as I always have been an active and outgoing person. It keeps me mobile, to be out in public, and be around everything!”

"My scooter helps me to enjoy freedom, to be able to get out of my apartment, and go to a grocery store just to pick up a couple of items. Without United Way, I would not have my scooter, I would be very lonely.  There would be no going anywhere."

-Barbara, St. Catharines, ON

26 life-changing assistive devices were provided in 2017 to people like Barbara.