This is Alexis.

This is Alexis.

Alexis started high school with her peers, but quickly became a troubled student.  Her home life was volatile, eventually resulting in her leaving home and meeting her boyfriend, with whom she became deeply involved.  At age 16, Alexis discovered that she was pregnant. “It was the toughest time in my life with everyone sharing their opinions on whether or not I should keep the baby. It was very stressful.”  

Alexis ultimately chose to embrace motherhood and hasn’t regretted her decision for a moment.

After her son was born, she took a short break from classes until they got into a good routine and everyone was sleeping through the night. Alexis knew she wanted to finish high school, but found that she was many credits short of completion and missing all of her community volunteer hours.

When she started participating in the Young Moms Support program through Strive Niagara she was apprehensive, but soon learned to trust the staff and accept the help she needed. Thanks to the outreach program at Strive, Alexis has been able to continue her high school education. She feels comfortable leaving her son at their Child Care Centre to go to classes, which has made the whole process much easier.    

Now 19, Alexis is the wonderful mother of a happy little boy with a contagious smile. She has started volunteering with Postponing Parenting ‘Til You’re Ready, another program at Strive, which involves travelling to high schools to share her story and teach other students the challenges of parenting at a young age. With support from both of these programs, Alexis is on track to graduate and go on to college. She has aspirations of becoming a fire fighter, a dream that is supported by her biggest advocate, her grandfather, with whom she has a wonderful relationship. She is now only seven credits away from graduating and attributes her success to the amazing support of Strive Niagara.