The Garden That Keeps on Giving

The Garden That Keeps on Giving

Marcus talks about a new way we are getting involved in our community through The Giving Gardens.

Here at United Way we are always brainstorming new ways to get involved in our community. When John Deere approached us to partner with them on a special project they were starting we could not resist!

John Deere's support, we have furthered our engagement with the community by providing raised garden beds for several of our agencies. The generous donation by John Deere has allowed us to supply five agencies with thirteen gardens, soil, plants and tools!

The Giving Gardens initiative offers a chance for the participants at each agency to reap the physical and emotional benefits of the garden. Not only will the Giving Gardens provide fresh fruits and vegetables for the participants, they will also represent growth through good times and bad. While the garden is the focus, it is by no means the ultimate purpose of the program. Yes, the garden is designed to yield a variety of fruits and vegetables for consumption, but at the same time, it is also designed to be therapeutic.

The purpose of Giving Gardens is to serve as a reminder to be kind and to care for themselves. The participants need to give themselves the same time and attention to grow and recover as does their garden. We are extremely excited to be working with John Deere to promote agricultural and emotional growth!