Summer Newsletter

Summer Newsletter

Special Initiative Spotlight: Welcome Home Kits

Welcome Home Kits provide basic household supplies to individuals and families transitioning from shelters to permanent housing. Consisting of dishes, utensils, cups, pots, pans, soap, and other kitchen and bathroom supplies, these kits enable recipients to start their new lives with the materials required to cook and serve meals and to attend to personal hygiene. As a result, recipients are able to focus their limited funds on essentials like rent and food. United Way works with individuals, groups, organizations, and partners to collect new and gently used household items, to assemble the items into useful kits, and to distribute the kits to local agencies to provide to their clients.

What's new

In May, the Shaw Festival generously donated 35 tickets to “Saint Joan”, Bernard Shaw’s greatest play about the most remarkable teenage girl in history. Westview Centre4Women jumped at the opportunity to enjoy an evening so many of us may take for granted. Here’s what they had to say about their experience.

“I’m sorry it took awhile to get back to you about the Shaw festival trip. As you can imagine taking 33 ladies who have never been was a real delight! Some of the women had never even been to Niagara-on-the-Lake before!. Let me tell you about our evening. We had supper together, then had 1 hour free time to look in the shops, we all met in front of the Prince of Wales Hotel at 7:30 pm, and walked over to the Shaw Festival together. We had one woman in a wheel chair, one with a prosthetic leg and many with various other disabilities, the staff at the theatre was amazing helping everyone to their seats, etc. The play was excellent and the ladies were riveted until the very end. On the way home the comments were all about how incredible the Shaw Festival is and they had never been to such a place. Some of our women can’t write and many can’t articulate well their feelings of gratitude but I can assure you that the evening was very special to them, an evening that they will not forget.”

- Jane, Westview Centre4Women