Rewards of being a Sponsored Employee with United Way

Rewards of being a Sponsored Employee with United Way

November 29, 2018

Working for United Way has been an eye opening experience. Living in the Niagara area for 22 years I was aware of needs in our community and some of the programs that support the most vulnerable members. But I had no idea the breadth and extent of services, programs and special initiatives that are supported by United Way. Nor was I aware of the generosity of my fellow community members.

From day one of my assignment, I was immersed in United Way work, as a contributing team member, to complete projects from stuffing envelopes, to volunteering at fundraising events, to modeling in a charity fashion show. The excitement and hectic pace kept the United way team busy as workplace campaigns were launched, fundraising events were planned and delivered, contacting local businesses and past donors for support and having some fun along the way! The team is so positive, energetic and confident in achieving the ambitious $5M campaign target! You can’t help but be excited to work together and achieve that goal!

In addition to the fun, there was lots to learn about the work of United Way in the community. We visited several local agencies that receive funding from United Way, to understand where the donations go and what the outcomes and benefits are for the community. We met dedicated and passionate staff who provide care and compassion for the children, adults and families that need it the most. And we met people whose lives were transformed by United Way in so many amazing ways.

My time with United Way will soon conclude, and as I return to my ‘regular’ job I can be an ambassador for United Way, to be able and willing to tell people about this incredible organization, the caring and generous community we live in, and everything good that comes from helping each other.