My First Week As A Loaned Representative at United Way

My First Week As A Loaned Representative at United Way

September 14, 2015

United Way has always been a large part of my community, so when I was chosen to be the Loaned Representative from CIBC, I immediately was thankful for the opportunity. To be honest, I knew a bit about United Way and how they operate, and was intrigued to learn more.

In my first week I have learned that there are many programs within my community which are funded by United Way. I am amazed at seeing how the dedication and teamwork towards raising awareness & fundraising comes together to help those in need.

I was able to attend a tour at an agency that most in the community recognize only as a food bank. When I arrived, it was evident that they had much more to offer. Not only are they a food bank, but they are able to help clients with financial budgets, clothing, identification replacement and much more. This agency houses 17 different programs to help those in need, all of which would be unable to function without the support of fundraising through United Way.

It is clear the positive impact that the staff members of United Way have on each other, as well as the community. The staff has welcomed me with open arms, and are always there to lend a helping hand whenever needed. This positive upbeat attitude is definitely contagious! Overall, these first few days have been a great experience and I can’t wait to see what is in store for the rest of my time here.