It’s Giving Tuesday, but we do good stuff ALL year!

It’s Giving Tuesday, but we do good stuff ALL year!

You may have noticed all the fuss online about #GivingTuesday. The ‘movement’ was created by folks like us (not-for-profits) to mark the opening of the Giving Season. First Black Friday, then Cyber Monday and now, Giving Tuesday, but the truth of the matter is, us not-for-profits are working year round. Giving Tuesday is more than just a day of fundraising; it has helped to grow the culture of generosity in our country.

So let’s talk about generosity. Canadians are famous for it and Niagara is no different. We see it all the time, in the news, online, on the radio, we hear about the big donations made and they are wonderful. But I want to talk about the everyday ones, because those matter to us too.

We want to thank YOU for giving $2 at the LCBO checkout last month. We want to thank YOU for writing a cheque and mailing it to us. We want to thank YOU who have already made a gift online. We want to thank each and every one of YOU for filling out a payroll deduction form at work, a couple of dollars a pay may not seem like much but it is.

All of those donations add up to more than $5 MILLION!! They all matter and without them, we could not invest back in our communities and help over 163,000 that need it every year. At United Way Niagara, the annual cycle goes well beyond a day in November.

So, if you have yet to make your annual donation to United Way, there's no better time than #GivingTuesday!  Click here to donate