Happy New Year & Welcome 2018!

Happy New Year & Welcome 2018!

As we say good bye to 2017 and welcome in the new year, we have lots to celebrate at United Way. 2018 is going to be an exciting one. We have had many successes in the past year and we wanted to share with you one quick success story - a testimonial from one of our After-School Matters families.

Dear After-School Matters staff,

Thank you for all you have done for the kids in the community. The program has been a tremendous asset for our family, specifically my ten year old daughter.

My children and I fled an abusive situation and relocated from Toronto four years ago and since then, my daughter has been working to overcome tremendous issues with self-esteem, abandonment and separation anxiety. She made some progress with help from the school system but has thrived since she began attending After-School Matters (ASM) in September.

She has thoroughly enjoyed all the activities and events but has been particularly motivated by the encouragement and validation she’s received from the staff. It’s wonderful to give the kids a voice and encourage them to participate in their own community. For my daughter, it has given her a sense of pride she didn’t have before. Her overall marks in school have improved as well as her behaviour. She exudes enthusiasm and confidence at school. It’s a delight to see her leadership skills develop at such a young age.

I’m so grateful for ASM and I strongly support the program. Thank you!

- Thankful Parent