Funded Program Spotlight - Westview Centre4Women

Funded Program Spotlight - Westview Centre4Women

Westview Centre4Women is located at 124 Queenston Street, St. Catharines. United Way of St. Catharines & District helps fund their Food and Financial Security program.

The weekly newsletter went out to the ladies at Westview Centre4Women (WC4W) letting everyone know we were ready to start our canning season! The day arrived and women showed up, aprons in hand and ready to start canning. Children were taken to the nursery so moms could focus on the task at hand.

On August 17th, nineteen ladies learned a variety of skills in the preparation and canning of salsa. Washing, chopping and peeling was happening on cutting boards; the room was abuzz with ladies working diligently. By the end of the day we proudly displayed our accomplishments and had 250 beautifully sealed jars of salsa! 

Then on September 20th, twenty-two ladies arrived ready to peel and pit peaches that were so generously donated to WC4W by Meyers Farms in Niagara-On-The-Lake. The process involved many steps, and everyone needed to stay focused so that we could have a successful batch of peaches for the women to nourish their families this winter. That day we were so pleased; we filled another 250 jars! 

This filled all 500 jars that were so graciously donated to us by United Way, providing each lady with 12 jars of salsa and peaches to take home to their families. From this experience, we feel more confident about attempting something a little more difficult next year. We have already starting talking about pickles, and we may even try our hand at spaghetti sauce.

From all the ladies at Westview Centre4Women, please accept a heartfelt thank you for your donation which provided the opportunity to learn a new skill!