Backpacks for Kids

Backpacks for Kids

It’s not just about a backpack. It’s about inclusivity.

Imagine arriving at school on your first day with nothing but the clothes on your back - walking into your classroom with your head hanging and feet dragging - your confidence at an all-time low. How would you feel?

The reality is that 1 in 4 children in Niagara are living in poverty. Children living in poverty don’t get the same opportunities as those living in more affluent households.   In 2002, United Way launched the Backpacks for Kids program to create a positive experience for all children, regardless of their economic situation.  This program puts children on a level the playing field and gives them a sense of belonging amongst their peers.

United Way receives thousands of requests for backpacks every year, and the number keeps increasing. To fulfill the requests - we need your help.

For just $25 you can sponsor one backpack filled with school supplies for a child in need.

*United Way has partnered with many organizations and suppliers in Niagara to maximize resources and lower the cost for full backpacks. The retail value of a full backpack is $125 - but thanks to our connections, we have lowered the cost to only $25.

Please consider a gift to Backpacks for Kids today. Click HERE to donate.