100 Women Who Care

100 Women Who Care

On June 17th, Heidi Burgess, a new Campaign Cabinet member, chose to present to the ‘100 Women Who Care’ group on a United Way initiative known as Welcome Home Kits.

To the members that evening she explained that this initiative is aimed at assisting individuals and families as they transition from living on the street or in shelters to more permanent housing. Heidi was armed with her plastic tote and as she began her presentation, she removed the contents of the tote one item at a time - items that included plates, glasses, cups, cutlery, pot, frying pan, cutlery, cookie sheet, spatula, can opener, dish soap, dish cloth, dish towel, bath towels, facecloths, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste and two rolls of toilet paper. Heidi explained that these items were the beginning of a new home for many in our community. She went on to explain that to fill a ‘Welcome Home Kit’ tote costs approximately $100. United Way receives donated items covering about $50 of the total cost, but the residual $50 cost per tote is where we need support so that we can fill more totes. Heidi’s impassioned presentation garnered the support of the group of women that evening and she won the vote! Thirty-five women from our community each wrote a cheque for $100, raising $3500 for United Way’s ‘Welcome Home Kits’, enabling United Way to pack another 70 kits!

Heartfelt thanks to the members of 100 Women Who Care – St. Catharines! Please know that each of you made a real difference to the most vulnerable in our community.

And, without a doubt – THANK YOU HEIDI!

About 100 Women Who Care

The ‘100 Women Who Care’ group meet four times a year, and members commit to donating $100 per meeting. At each meeting, three members are chosen to make a short presentation on a community cause or need that they believe is worthy of monetary support. After the presentations are completed each member votes and the winning presenter donates the money to the winning community cause and/or need.