Invest in the future of Niagara

We know you care about the future of Niagara residents and we know that you want to see future generations prosper and live a life free from poverty.

Invest in the future of Niagara
While you may not be able to give a financial contribution right now, you can ensure a prosperous Niagara for generations to come. Unlike traditional gifts made from your income, a planned gift is often made from your assets (such as investments or real estate) or as a part of your estate plan. These gifts provide an opportunity to continue your commitment to our community and support the issues that matter most to you.

Planned giving with United Way offers you the opportunity to build a meaningful legacy and create the future YOU want for everyone who calls Niagara home.

Here’s how it works:
Gifts to United Way’s forever fund are invested, the principal investment is untouched and the interest is used annually to invest in programs that have proven success in mitigating the effects of poverty for real people in Niagara.

Forever Fund investments play a critical role in funding the gaps in United Way’s After School Matters program, Backpacks for Kids, Welcome Home Kits and even scholarships for post-secondary education. Investments in youth are particularly important to break the cycle of poverty, providing emotional and educational supports that give youth the help they need to build their own success stories.

How you can make a lasting legacy for Niagara’s youth:
We’re here to help. No matter your passions, United Way Niagara would be pleased to talk with you to define your goals and design a personalized gift plan that aligns with your values and your vision for the future. We also can work with you and your tax, financial and/or legal advisors to ensure the plan supports your financial and estate planning goals.

To learn more, email Mandy at [email protected] or call 905-688-5050 x 2113.

Legacy gifts in action

“Thank you for selecting me to receive the education opportunity fund. Your generosity went a long way in helping me succeed in my education and to get where I am today. With your assistance, I have now graduated with two diplomas and one certificate and am ready to give back to the community.” – Batool Mahgoub
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