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Other Ways to Give

Planned Giving

When you include United Way in your legacy plan, you are making a lasting change in the lives of future generations.

A gift through planned giving is a wonderful way to leave behind a legacy of caring that helps not only children and seniors but supports the families and communities that surround them now and in the future.

Legal name: United Way Niagara

Charitable Registration Number #: BN13053 2443 RR0001

Address: 63 Church Street, Suite LC1, St. Catharines, ON L2R 7G1

If you have any questions or would like to discuss a gifting option, please contact us by calling our office at (905) 688-5050.

We are happy to work with you, your family and your advisors on a confidential basis to ensure all your objectives are met based on your personal priorities.

Gifting options to the Forever Fund include:

  • A bequest in your will
  • A gift of life insurance
  • Cash or savings gifts
  • RRSPs, RRIFs, TFSAs and retirement plans
  • Personal property

Gifts of Securities

Making a gift of publicly traded securities is one of the most tax-effective ways to donate because it removes the taxation of capital gains. You will receive a tax receipt for the market value of your donations. For more information, contact us at (905) 688-5050. You can also download a Gift of Securities Transfer form HERE

Named Funds

Named Funds allow you to provide a steady and dependable source of income to United Way. We will work with you to establish the parameters in one or more of our impact areas to tailor your Named Fund to meet your philanthropic needs. You and others can add to the fund during your lifetime and beyond to leave your community a sustaining legacy.

Below is a listing of the current Named Funds with United Way:

Education Opportunity Fund

The family of Chuck Burke has established a fund called "The Education Opportunity Fund" in honour of his 75th birthday. The fund provides scholarships to youth for After-School Matters moving on to post secondary education. Family and friends are welcome to make a tribute gift on Chuck's behalf. To contribute, click here. In the comments, please note the name of the fund.

Maddie Hood Fund

Donations to The Maddie Hood Fund go to support youth in St. Catharines. To make a contribution, click here. In the comments, please note the name of the fund.

Orazio (Ernie) DePetris Fund

Donations to The Orazio DePetris Fund will go to support youth in Merritton. To make a contribution, click here. In the comments, please note the name of the fund.

Our Special Friends

Mike and Jane Trojan have opened a fund called "Our Special Friends" through United Way to support sports and recreation programs for people with special needs. To make a contribution, click here. In the comments, please note the name of the fund.

For additional information or to discuss setting up a Named Fund, please contact us at (905) 688-5050.


United Way Niagara is a leader in partnering with local businesses, helping them achieve their philanthropic goals. We welcome the opportunity to discuss sponsorships with you. Sponsorship packages can be tailored to meet your organization's goals and objectives. To learn more please contact us at (905) 688-5050.

Matching Opportunities

Leadership Challenge

The Leadership Challenge, matches new gifts of $1,200 or more and helps leverage Leadership gifts for the campaign. For donors giving at the leadership level for the first time ($1,200 or more) or for current leadership donors that increase their current donation by 10% or more, the Leadership Challenge will provide up to the $50,000 in matching funds to United Way.

2019 Leadership Challenge Sponsor

This year, when you donate to United Way for the first time at the Leadership level ($1,200 or more) or increase your current leadership donation by 10% or more, The Gales Gas Bars Leadership Challenge will provide up to $50,000 in matching funds to United Way.


How It Works:

New Leadership Donors: 

  • If you are making a first-time donation of $1,200 or more to United Way, The Gales Gas Bars Leadership Challenge will match your gift, dollar for dollar. So, when you donate $1,200, United Way receives $2,400.

Renewing Leadership Donors:

  • If you are increasing the amount of your Leadership gift by 10% or more, The Gales Gas Bars Leadership Challenge will match the increase in your donation.

For more information, please contact Kevin Jong, Director of Resource Development | Telephone: (905) 688-5050 ext 2103 | E-mail: Kevin Jong

United Way Leadership Challenge Sponsors in the past have included:

  • 2018: The Physicians of Niagara
  • 2017: The Ontario Paper Thorold Foundation
  • 2016: The Wineries of Niagara +
  • 2015: Pharmasave
  • 2014: Beatties Basics 
  • 2013: Verge Insurance Group
  • 2012: Milan & Julieann Plentai
  • 2010: The Burgoyne Family, in Memory of Dorothy Doolittle
  • 2009: George Darte Funeral Chapel Inc.
  • 2008: Gales Gas Bars Limited
  • 2007: The Niagara Partners of Deloitte
  • 2006: The Port Dalhousie Pier Marina

We salute the leadership of these special individuals who made these gifts.

New Donor Match

In an effort to attract new donors, The New Donor Match will match any new gifts to United Way. The matching dollars will support United Way Niagara's community fund. Designations to specific charities, through United Way, do not qualify for the matching grants.

2019 New Donor Match Sponsor

This year, in an effort to attract new donors, the New Donor Match sponsored by Ferguson Neudorf Glass will match all new donations to a maximum of $25,000. 

For more information, please contact Kevin Jong, Director of Resource Development | Telephone: (905) 688-5050 ext 2103 | E-mail: Kevin Jong

Friendship Challenge

The Friendship Challenge is a match of $500 - $1,199 that helps leverage Friend of the Way level gifts for the campaign. For donors giving at the friend level for the first time ($500-$1,199), the Friendship Challenge will provide up to the specified amount in matching funds to United Way.

For more information, please contact Kevin Jong, Director of Resource Development | Telephone: (905) 688-5050 ext 2103 | E-mail: Kevin Jong

Birthday parties, retirement parties and more

Contact Ashleigh Doyle  | Telephone: (905) 688-5050 ext 2111 | E-mail:


Workplace Campaigns

Sponsored Employee Program

United Way’s Sponsored Employee Program offers a challenging, energizing experience to employees looking to develop both personally and professionally in a team-oriented environment. The program offers employers an opportunity to invest in their employees and helps people from all sectors come together to work towards the common goal of making our community a better place to live.

Sponsored Employees are individuals who are loaned by their employers for a mutually agreed upon time period, usually 12-15 weeks during the annual United Way fall campaign. During that period, the employer continues to pay the employee’s salary and benefits, while United Way provides the employee with training, experience, networking opportunities with key community leaders, and a renewed sense of enthusiasm, which they then take back to their workplace.

Performance Development

Sponsored Employees participate in an intensive training program featuring:

  • United Way orientation
  • Public speaking training
  • Presentation skills
  • Sales promotion
  • Communication skills
  • Fundraising Techniques

Return on your investment

The Sponsored Employee returns to his/her workplace with new skills, business contacts, and an enhanced knowledge of their community. Your full participation in the Sponsored Employee Program will enhance your corporate image as a caring community leader. You can take pride in the fact that you have helped make our community a better place to live and do business.

Characteristics of a good candidate include:

  • Strong leadership qualities
  • Senior managerial or supervisory potential
  • Commitment to the community
  • Human Relations Skills
  • Team Oriented

Days of Caring ®

Days of Caring® engage the community by inviting participants to provide a day of service for charitable organizations. These projects raise awareness of community needs and services amongst volunteers while providing agencies or special initiatives with much needed support.

A little volunteer work goes a long way!

Days of Caring® projects impact real people in Niagara. We invite your organization, business or team to sponsor a Day of Caring®. We can match you with a local community project that fits with your team’s goals.

For more information or to request a Day of Caring, contact Wendy Medeiros at  or (905) 688-5050 x 2118


Leadership Giving

Leadership donors are a group of dedicated individuals who love where they live and want to make a difference when it comes to fighting local poverty in all its forms. By giving $1,200 or more annually to United Way, you’ll become part of an unstoppable force for community change, joining over 400 other Leadership donors in Niagara.

Leadership donors fuel our work fighting for a community where poverty has no power. When you join us, you’ll play an important role in supporting a strong social safety net that helps people when, and where, they need it most.

For more information contact Cortney Gusek, Leadership Giving Officer or call 905.688.5050 ext 2108


Major Giving

Major Donors are a select group of supporters dedicated to creating positive and lasting change in our community by donating $5,000 or more on an annual basis. As influential members of Niagara’s industries and the community, they play a key role in creating strategic partnerships with government, the social sector, and other corporate leaders to develop solutions to our region’s complex social issues. They invest in the success of our region and, in doing so, inspire others to do the same.

Major Donors' contributions and community leadership drive lasting solutions in the areas of poverty, kids, and communities. We bring together all areas of community to address social issues at the roots and develop long term strategies to solve them.

It’s not a donation. It’s an investment.

If you’re considering joining us, here’s why your gift to United Way is a smart investment in the future. We:

  • Amplify your investments beyond one issue or one community
  • Convene the right stakeholders to generate powerful change
  • Leverage government and other investments to accelerate progress
  • Conduct rigorous research to isolate critical and relevant needs

For more information contact Kaylin Bailey, Manager of Major Giving, or call 905.688.5050 ext 2113


Forever Fund

The Forever Fund is the Endowment Fund of United Way Niagara. The endowment was established to assist United Way in serving citizens of the Niagara Region now and in the future. A gift to the Forever Fund helps us address immediate needs and sustain long term projects that will help children, youth and families reach their full potential.

By contributing to the Forever Fund, your contribution to the community will last forever.

Ways to Give

  • Capital Property
  • Cash
  • Life Insurance
  • Retirement Funds
  • Securities
  • Will Bequests

For further information, please contact Kaylin Bailey at  or call 905.688.5050 ext 2113