how we help

Our Investment Process

Our unique Community Investment Process allows United Way to invest in the most pressing needs facing your community. Each year, we accept applications for funding in one of three priority areas: Poverty To Possibility, Strong Communities and All That Kids Can Be. These applications are reviewed by a panel of dedicated volunteers, ensuring that dollars are spent where they can create the greatest impact.

  • Raising of funds

    United Way raises funds through workplace campaigns, community donors, corporate donations and through special events and grants.

  • Host community consultations

    United Way hosts community consultations to find out where we can have the greatest impact. These consultations help United Way respond to changing needs and determine funding priorities.

  • Review funding applications

    A panel of community volunteers spend many hours reviewing funding applications and meeting with agencies to learn more about their proposed programs

  • Allocation of funds

    After hearing all requests, the Community Investment Panel determines how available funds should be allocated.

  • Presentation to the Board

    The Community Investment Panel submits their recommendations to the Board of Directors for approval.

  • Investment of donations

    Following approval from the Board, the funds are distributed to Community Agencies for a three year term which provides stable funding.

  • Help is received!

    Families, children and individuals in need receive help from community agencies to improve their quality of life. United Way follows up with agencies annually to ensure promised outcomes are being met.