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The yearly cost of poverty in Niagara is $1.38 billion. That is enough to…

Employ 40,118 people at a Living Wage.
Feed everyone in Niagara for 2 years.
Build 16,235 affordable housing units.
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L-R: Niagara College President Sean Kennedy, United Way Niagara CEO Frances Hallworth and Niagara College Vice President, Research and External Relations Dr. Marc Nantel celebrate the inaugural growing season for the United Way Niagara Garden Hub, a community garden located at NC’s Daniel J. Patterson Campus in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

United Way and Niagara College partner to grow local produce ‘with the community, for the community’

On the heels of World Food Day, Niagara College (NC) and United Way Niagara are excited to announce an expanded partnership that aims to increase food security in Niagara.


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