Investing in solutions to real, local social problems.

A snapshot of our impact in 2023

Hours of one-to-one homelessness prevention support provided.
Nutritious meals provided through meal programs and emergency food supports.
Mental health crisis calls ended with a positive outcome.
High-impact programs supported
Lives changed in 2023 – thanks to you!
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Attachment is Key

Homelessness is complex and traumatic, especially for youth. Youth homelessness often leads to a lifetime of chronic and precarious housing situations. Once someone is homeless, survival becomes the top priority and often youth experiencing homelessness are forced to do things they would never have dreamed they would do. Youth are especially vulnerable to life on the streets and their path to it is never direct. ‘So, what if we can prevent it from happening in the first place?’ That was the nagging question for Mike Lethby, Executive Director of The RAFT from the beginning.


Together We Can Solve Social Issues.

Mental Health
Social Isolation