Change in Our Community

United Way annually raises funds through the community to invest in creating positive community change. We create positive community impact by strategically investing funds raised in our community in local charitable and not for profit organizations that deliver programs and services that have the greatest impact.

We invest funding in local programs and services that address one of three priority investment areas:

  1. Moving People From Poverty to Possibility;
  2. Supporting the Health of People, Which Builds a Stronger Community;
  3. Helping Kids & Families to Be All They Can Be.


Community Development

We invest our time, talents and resources to drive community collaboration, partnerships and development.  By engaging local initiatives, individuals and mobilizing collective action, we are improving people’s lives.

We work with many local initiatives to support our community development work.  We consult with our community stakeholders to ensure that our investment in local programs, services and collaborative initiatives are driving positive change.

These are just a few of the community initiatives we are involved in and partners we collaborate with:


Niagara Prosperity Initiative WipeOut logo large 211 Niagara Community Foundation Niagara Connects with url Niagara Knowledge Exchange