Give Through Your Workplace

The heart and soul of every United Way campaign is organizations that care about their community and the employees who want to make a difference.  Many workplaces support the United Way and support employees wishing to donate via payroll deductions, special events and fundraising opportunities.

These workplaces and businesses are all vital elements to United Way’s ability to create positive community impact that moves people from poverty to possibility, promotes healthy people which builds strong communities and supports the vision of all that children and families can be.

With the leadership and generosity of businesses, employees pave the path for campaign success.  They collectively pledge their support, host events, are ambassadors for United Way and offer experience and expertise that drives change.  When you host a workplace campaign, you pledge to support and invest in local programs and services that aid our friends, families, neighbours and those we have yet to meet.

It is easy to get involved with United Way through a workplace campaign.

We work with you, support you and provide you with all the materials you need to be successful.  A campaign toolkit and other resources are available to support your success.  Follow the links below for additional resources and information.

 Campaign Toolkit & Resources


Contact us if you would like to get started with your Workplace Campaign!