Apply for Funding


  1. Simplified Application (for funding requests less than $10,000)
  2. Complete Application (for funding requests greater than $10,000)

All applicants must submit the required documents, including the Agency Requirements Checklist which can be accessed by clicking here.

You are to submit only one application to regardless of whether you are applying for funding from one United Way or both (South Niagara and/or Niagara Falls and Greater Fort Erie).

Please be sure to review the instructions, definitions and complete the application in full.

 Instructions for completing the Annual Funding Application:

  • The deadline for submission of the funding application is the first Friday of December annually by 4:30 p.m
  • Please note that your application for funding must fit within one of the three funding priorities
    • From Poverty To Possibility
    • Healthy People, Strong Communities
    • All That Kids And Families Can Be
  • Funding received by successful applicants will begin April 1.
  • All required attachments must also be submitted for funding consideration (i.e. Completed Application, List of Board of Directors, Audited Financial Statements, Reserves / Operating Surplus Policy, Annual Report, Fundraising Overview, Agency Requirements Checklist and signed Verification Form).
  • There are several tabs which make up this application that must be completed in full for funding consideration.  Several fields throughout this application are shaded in bright yellow for you to complete.  Please note that some areas will populate based on information you complete in other worksheets, particularly as it relates to financial information.