Financial Information

The Cost of Running the United Way

Canada Revenue Agency and United Way of Canada requires that we show our expenses in three categories.

They are administration, cost of fundraising and program.

Please see our audited financial statements for the details of expenses in each of these categories. For Niagara Falls and Greater Fort Erie, look at the Schedule of Expenses.  For South Niagara, look at Schedule 1 and 2.  So, if you want to know how much we’ve spent on the telephone or insurance or wages and benefits, this is the place to look.


2017 Where the Money Goes


Niagara Falls and Greater Fort Erie

Charitable #: 11926 0545 RR0001

2017-18 Financial Statements

2016-17 Financial Statements

2015-16 Financial Statements

South Niagara

Charitable #: 10816 0318 RR0001

2017 Financial Statements

2016 Financial Statements

2015 Financial Statements